Tutors | Feminist and Gender Studies

thumb-smallYanbing Er
Third year PhD candidate in English Literature

Yanbing’s PhD dissertation examines the poetics of sexual difference and the ways in which it can be articulated in the imaginative space of fiction. The project explores aesthetic representations of the feminine in several novels of contemporary women writers, and how this can be aligned to the larger project of feminist academic criticism and the future(s) of feminist theory. Yanbing's other research interests include critical theory with a focus on feminist theory and philosophy and discourses of embodiment. She works broadly in the field of contemporary literature.

thumb-smallDr Lena Wånggren
Research Fellow in English Literature

After a PhD examining the interrelation between gender and technology in late nineteenth-century popular fiction, focusing on first-wave feminism in literature, I continue working within various fields of feminist and critical theory. I have published on feminist pedagogy; gender, sexuality and medicine; antiracist feminism and intersectionality. My main areas of interest within feminist research, teaching and activism are poststructuralist theories of feminism, feminism and Foucault, antiracist / black / postcolonial / transnational feminisms, especially intersectionality theory, socialist and anarchist feminism, and feminist pedagogy.

I am currently working on various articles, all on feminist movements and theories; on feminist pedagogy; on transnational feminism and the Hollaback! movement; on Robert Louis Stevenson’s involvement in the late nineteenth-century ‘Woman Question’; and on the Scottish New Woman.