General queries

When will the seminars take place?
Where will the seminars take place?
Is this initiative part of the core LLC Research Methods training course that I did with Dr Adam Budd?
Is this initiative part of the research methods training offered by my subject area?
If I participate in one of the seminars, will it be included on my academic transcripts?
Will I be graded on my participation?
Who funded this project?
How is the funding being used?


Who is eligible to participate in these seminars?
How do I apply for the seminars?
Can I apply for more than one seminar?
When do applications open?
When will applications close?
How many spaces do you have on each seminar?
How will applications be evaluated?
When will I hear back on whether my application has been successful?
I wanted to attend a seminar but my application was unsuccessful. Will resource materials be made available after the seminar?
I am an undergraduate student in LLC. Can I participate?
I am a postgraduate student in another School in the College of Humanities and Social Science, and I would like to participate. Can I?


What are the seminar topics/themes?
How did you decide on these topics?
Do I have to be an expert to participate in a particular seminar?
What work will I have to do in preparation for the seminar?
Will the seminar teach me everything I need to know about X theory?
I am really interested in trauma theory/affect theory/ecocriticism, etc. Will you run a seminar on it?
Can I attend but not fully participate? I am very busy and won’t be able to do any of the reading beforehand. I just want to sit and listen.
I have been accepted to participate. However I cannot meet with my group to prepare our group presentation. Can I still attend?